Die fabelhafte Welt der Schleimpilze

The World of Slime Molds

Fuligo septica var. 

I created this webpage with the aim to help people who are haunted by slime molds (in their garden or even in an aquarium), people who are interested in these fascinating organisms or people who want to get to know them as they have been taken aback by scary stories about yellow, moving slime bunches.

On the following pages I give information about their exceptional way of life, tips on how to differ in the species, how to begin a slime mold culture and what funny experiments can be made to visualize simple biological processes.

I myself am fascinated by slime molds since I have written a thesis about slime molds in my senior year at school. But instead of satisfying my thirst for knowledge about these creatures, I became more and more curious. With this webpage I would like to share some of my knowledge as I know that it is hard to find information about slime molds - even though the world wide web is a very fast and huge medium.

I hope the information presented on the following pages will help you in any kind of way. Enjoy reading and rembember: slime molds are totally harmless...




Most recent changes on this website:

  • !!!NEW!!! It is now possible to order slime molds via the German subsidiary of Carolina USA, Carolina Science GmbH. For more information visit How to order slime molds on the internet
  • I am currently translating this website into the English language - please excuse any short-term malfunctions ;-)



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